Udemy is teaching over 1 million students with support of 10 languages

Udemy, Leading online learning marketplace confirmed that they are teaching more than 1 million students all around the world.

Udemy.com  is the unique concept startup portal started on 2010 with aim of helping students, employee and entrepreneur to develop new skill and learn courses online. Udemy is kind of live virtual classroom founded by Eren Bali, Oktay Caglar, and Gagan Biyani and that allow instructor to host their courses.

Recently, Udemy founder and CEO Eren Bali reported that Now we’re having more than 8000 courses being taught to 1 million students. Half of the students come outside of US and more than 600 courses is available in Spanish. They added localized support for 10 new languages including Spanish, Korean, French, Italian, Russian, Chinese, Portuguese, Turkish etc. We will surely empower any expert and instructor anywhere in the world to give back and teach the next generation.

Adding 10 new languages obviously will help to attract wider audience. This service will feature text in native language of user based on their location. 

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