How to Save money on Furniture and Home decor

When festival time and any special occasion comes in our family, we mostly think to modify or completely change the current furniture in our home. As a homeschooling mom, I mostly love to give new look to my bedroom and kitchen for each and every festival.

According to science and research, By Regularly changing the color and design of furniture you can improve positiveness and ultimately get more and more happiness in your family. But nowadays, Even if we think to change slightly we have to pay a lot, but you no need to worry about that. Here is my exclusive guideline just for you that will help you to save huge amount of money.

How to save your dollars on home decor and furniture?

First and for most thing you should do is to find out the catalog based company for your next furniture purchase. Lakeside Collection is one of the oldest and highly popular company that features all kind of home decor product at affordable prices. They regularly release their catalog which is available for online and you can also request them to you mail address. They will ship catalog for FREE. Now it’s time to browse their catalog and check for your choice if products like Sofa sets, dining table, lighting lamps, mattresses, rugs, kitchen appliances, bed sheet and outdoor furniture.

Good news is that they offers their exclusive catalog product at highest possible discount to their regular customers. Simply use coupon codes to get huge discount. Imagine, If you can get your bedroom furniture for 40% or even 55% discount during festival then you can use amount you saved on other purpose and ultimate get your bedroom totally new and refreshing too.

If you want to goto local store to check for furniture then WB Mason is probably the best option for you. They are chain of home decor store that is spread over almost each and every state of America. Head over and visit your nearest store to check their exclusive range of products including bath and bedding, kitchenware and home cleaning products.

WB Mason is big name when we wonder about home related products. When you visit their store you will see literally thousands of products that you never get from anywhere. Before visiting store, please print the coupon from the leading coupon clipping site and present at their store to save a huge. They mostly give 10% to 30% off printable coupon which you can use on your order.

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How to save money on Prescription Eyeglasses

As a frugal mom, I used to find the things which come with discount, promotional offers and deals. I also make sure that whatever I bought should be quality product.

Today, I will teach you how you can save money on prescription eyeglasses. Last week, I have to buy glasses for my sister and went for local shop and found that average cost of glasses is around $120 and I dropped my idea for few days. But within a day I got spark that why not to buy prescription eye-care product online. I usually purchase my sunglasses from eCommerce site and they gives me good discount on that, So I think I should try that too.

If you want to buy man’s accessories like footwear and glasses then I would suggest you to go for Jackthreads. They are best online destination for all kind of male fashion products. If you are fashion forward lady who want to buy some cool and trendy sunglasses then Agaci is probably best place for you. Both of these are eCommerce portal having millions of customers like you who buy regularly from them. They offer International Shipping with easy return policy, so no need to worry about that.

But, If you want to know about dedicated and yet reliable site for buying prescription eyeglasses then you should check Zenni Optical. It is the leading online destination to buy eyeglasses, frames, sunglasses for men, women and kids. It was founded by group of scientist and they have developed highly comfortable, affordable glasses that everyone can buy.

Zenni Optical has already sells millions of glasses and they have team of experts who are always there to help you for your any kind of queries and question. They usually come up with seasonal design like Pink frame sets for Valentine Day, cool and green frame for Spring. You can buy eyewear starting from as low as $7 only. Good news is that they also offers Free Shipping on purchase of $50 and more. You will find all kind of frames over there, Choose by Style, Shape, Color and also you can test before you buy. They have tool which allow you to upload your photo and you can paste frame with glasses on your face to see which one would be the best suitable for you. Isn’t that good? also offers coupon codes which you can enter for your any kind of order and get associated discount on that. Many time you can save up to 50% on total order using such coupons.

How to buy Jewelry for cheap

Looking to buy some jewelry but worrying about the cost? Don’t worry, I have find out best ways to save money on jewelry and other ornaments.

Since last few weeks, I have been trying to find out the best tricks and one can easily implements to save a lot of dollars on fashion and jewelry. If you are going to marry in nearer future or want to attend the party but don’t have eye-catching and attention grabbing fashion accessories and jewelry then I would suggest you to Check out JVL Jewelry. They do have nice collection of unique and limited edition party and wedding accessories that you would definitely love.

Best Tips to Save money on Jewelry :-

Many time you won’t find good product in local market or mall and in that case, I would like to advice you that you should check online eCommerce portals like NoMoreRack. It is daily deal event site which always have pretty good jewelry option to select from. You can see earrings, bracelets, necklace, rings and other accessories at upto 80% discount. Yes! Even at this much of discount they literally provide high quality and branded products.

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding mom and looking for some baby or kids friendly jewelry then, I strongly suggest you to go for monogram products of Marley Lilly. They are best and have huge collection of jewelery for moms. Their products are colorful and made of up Eco-friendly materials that won’t harm your baby and keep them playing with jewelry.

If you are college student or fashion forwarded women who likes different and unique jewelry just made up of you then Origami Owl is probably best choice for you. Origami Owl is the marketplace where individual designer puts their jewelry and you can buy from their online store. They are best known for lucky charm, rings and bracelets. If you want to try different kind of pendents with combination of charm then go to their store and select from thousands of available design.

Apart from all these, You can also check for small but good quality sites like Kazbah and Romwe. Both of them offers coupon codes and money saving deals that will reduce your total spending on jewelry. I have included both in this list especially because both of them offers FREE Shipping, Regardless of your order value. It’s really great saving even without using any coupons. offers Free International Shipping and I have ordered 3-5 products from them. They are best street fashion site I have ever worked with.

How to be frugal with footwear

Wearing unique and good-looking shoes or sandals are status symbol now. Almost all the fashion forward women and men try to find something new and footwear is the first choice for them.

Many time we neglects the price when we select shoe, boot or heels from good footwear company and at the end we simply stretch our hairs by paying lots of money. And ultimately we try to be frugal with our other expenses like jewelry, clothing, foods etc. But now that won’t be the case as you can become frugal with footwear too. Simply follow my ideal and best tips that would help you to fatten your wallet and save hundreds of dollars.

Many time it could be good practice to buy footwear online from company like AGACI , Romwe and Mumbo. As an eCommerce company they usually offer discount on their entire line. You can easily get such coupons and use that at your next order. Once you fill your cart with your choice of shoe, Simply copy the promo code and paste that at checkout page. You will instantly see deducted amount and final price would be much more lower than actual one. eCommerce company provides 10% to 90% discount, If you buy from sites like Nomorerack then you can have chance to save 90% on footwear. It is deal site which regularly feature shoes, sandals and boots from leading brands.

You might be wondering about cost of Shipping. Don’t worry in many case you will get your order at Free Shipping. Most of sites provide Free Ground Shipping but for that you need to qualify for minimum required purchase amount. Sites like No More Rack offers $1 shipping option and that is good when we about to get products worth $50 plus.

Stores like JCPenney and Kohl’s regularly have in-store sale for their entire range of footwear. Get your car and visit the nearest store, you will see the sale banner over there. If you buy footwear during 4 of the July, Halloween, Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday, Christmas or any other festival then you would save a huge. Shoppers reported that they have 80% on branded footwear during Cyber Monday and Black Friday.

If you are a lover of cowboots then you should check Cavenders, They have high quality boots at outstanding price. They also gives 20% off for the first time customer. You should also check Warehouse sale from big brands like Barneys, lululemon and j crew. You need to visit their given place where they host their warehouse sale and once you enter the semi annual sale hall you will see different products over there. Simply head over to footwear section and buy anything that suits you. I must say that during warehouse sale you would save up to 60%, So think to stock up on footwear as well.

These are the best ways that you can adopt to save hundred of dollars on your next footwear spending. You can join us and discuss more by commenting here. You should also check our Facebook and Twitter pages for more such updates.

Untapped ways to save money on apparel

Who doesn’t want to be beautiful, And for that girls and guys always seeking for fashionable clothing. But many time in order to look different we spend lot and lot of money on apparel and today I’m going to tell to how you can literally save hundreds of dollars by following some easy steps.

How to save money on clothes?

Many time to buy clothes from store we consume too much of fuel and it finally ended up costly to us. So in such cases we should think before simply taking out our car from garage. We should wonder, how far that store or venue is from our home or office. If it’s too far, We should avoid and try to buy from online stores like Revolve Clothing, Prep Sportswear etc.

When we buy from online store we not only save fuel but also it save our valuable times. If you don’t like you can also exchange or get refund for that. Almost every eCommerce site have customer friendly shipping and refund policy. LTD Commodities and Uniform Advantage are best example of that.

Due to high competition level, Almost every website offers coupon codes and promotional offers. Using their coupon you can save anything from 10% to 80% and sometime even more than that. So make a habit to find the promo code before placing your online order. In case you don’t find any then you can check out their official Facebook and Twitter page and even ask their customer representative via email or phone number. They are kind enough to help you out for each of your pre-sale queries.

If you are new and don’t know where to find and check such coupons, You should simply sign up for the official email newsletter of the site which you like most and from where you desire to buy. In order to keep your returning customer, almost every site delivers regular email stating their current offers and new product or launch of new items.

There are online boutique site like Shop Ruche, who provide you limited edition dresses and other accessories at reasonable price. Your also try to join the reward program of online store like JCPenney. They offer the reward point on every successful purchase and later you redeemed use that for your upcoming purchase.

Try to clean your wardrobe. Many time we don’t like some color or pattern of clothes and that’s why never wear that but they still be in out wardrobe. We should avoid keep such unused or unnecessary apparel by selling them on online. Yes! Site like Tradesy allow you to sell your quality and good condition clothes like wedding dresses etc. This is how you can make some extra cash by clearing your unused cloth.

Conclusion : If possible, Buy online. Try to use discount coupons so that you can save a lot on your next purchase. Also join their reward program and social pages to get updated with latest offers. Online boutique are best place to buy limited edition clothes. Sell your unused dresses to make extra cash.

How to save money on Restaurants bill

Being frugal mom, I used to find different type of unique and most effective ways to save money and today we will talk about eating frugally at restaurants of your choice.

Being parents of cute little children is really tough task as mostly your kids don’t know what do eat and even don’t listen to us, they simply ask us to go outside to eat from their favorite restaurants. That is the time we mostly think about imbalance of our budget but now we don’t need to worry about that. We can make our children happy by completing all their needs.

Tips to Save money on Restaurants bill :-

In order to tackle this issue, you first need to find out which is the favorite restaurant of your kids. Some of their best choice are iHope, Subways, Pei Wei, Pizza Hut etc. Once get the detail about that, sort down the restaurant names based on priority of your children and distant from your home. You can do that in word doc file and in same file keep some extra columns. In below paragraphs we will see how we would utilize that one. Doc file would contain few fields like, Name of Restaurant, Menu list, Items which you Kids like most, Kids offer, current coupon code, distance from your home.

Once we have sorted that, we need to collect the menu of each of them, put that under menu list. Now in front of restaurant name put the name of items which your kids like a most from each of that one. There are so many different restaurants that have kids special menu, so don’t forget to add that in your list.

Under the Offer page, We will add all the offers that specific restaurant offer for Kids. Many national and local restaurants like iHope etc offers Kids FREE Entree and Free Snacks or Meal for specific days. You need to put that in this field, so whenever our child craved for that we can see that whether or not they do have some offer for kids on Today.

Now it’s time to sign up for eClub of all such restaurant, so that we can get regular alert for discount coupons and promotional codes from them. Also don’t forget to add birthday of your kids and your anniversary dates, so that you can enjoy free stuff on that special days. Mostly each of them features limited offers that could save you a lot. Some of them have weekend special menu and while some offer great discount on weekdays, so keep that in mind while preparing your list.

Last thing you can do is to buy Sunday Newspaper and find printable coupons for such restaurant or you can buy that directly from leading coupon clipping websites. In this way you will ultimately save huge on your unexpected expenses. This is how we both by happy and enjoy our days.

Tips to Lose your weight Frugally with low Budget

Worrying about your overweight, But don’t able to find good ways to lose weight within your budget? Don’t worry today I’m going to share you some wonderful tips that you could easily follow to get perfect body.

Due to our daily lifestyle we mostly don’t able to control our weight and many time we feel bad but can’t do anything for that. Here are certain simple yet effect steps you should start following today only.

How to frugally your lose weight ?

Drink More and more Water : According to research we should drink at least 10 full glasses of water daily. If you drink more and more water then you wont b hungry to often and finally you wont eat too much that increase fat level in your body.

Follow perfect Diet Plan : We should eat exactly amount of calories that our body, not more than that. For that you should prepare daily eating plan, including breakfast, lunch, dinner and evening meal. If you don’t know how to prepare such plan and even don’t want to bother in doing deep, then you should check eMeals. They are No #1 site that provide different diet plans and recipe based on your need. You should buy their yearly plan to save huge on retail value, They also provide weekly circular and deals from super-mall like Walmart, Kroger etc.

Do yoga and exercise : It has been proved that yoga, meditation and regular workout helps a lot to reduce weight. So you should at least take out 15 to 30 minutes of time from your busy schedule for exercise. If you love dance then you can go for Zumba Fitness and buy their weight loss with dance DVDs. That really works and millions of people have already used that.

Eat Low Carb Foods : Biotrust one of the most trusted and reputed source to buy low carb yet high protein foods, like cookies, bar and much. You can even purchase their award winning products like, Leptiburn, Ic-5, Omega krill, BCAA and many more. They offers International shipping too, So no need to worry about which country you belong to you. Use the coupon and sale to reduce your spending.

Usually nutrition expert suggest us to take only low carb foods but many time we don’t know which are the best low carb meal. In that case is god blessing for you, as you no need to worry to find such low carb product. Simply buy their protein and vitamin bottle and lose your weight to next level.

Chew slowly : When you chewing, your body will get chance to eat less. It ultimately stop eating sooner and you can control your weight.

Also don’t eat too heavy meal on night, at the same time you should eat heavy meal on morning time only. To improve metabolism rate naturally you should take your most of calories in early day time only.

Also don’t eat junk foods, always try to make and eat organic foods only. There are many big grocery stores that do have such meal. You can also use Organic food coupon to reduce your budget. This is how you will ultimately lose your weight frugally.

Real Techniques Coupon Codes – Upto 20% Off

Real Techniques is the best brand for makeup brushes, makeup kits, foundation and much more. Real Techniques is founded by Chapman sisters, Sam and NIC, they are professional makeup artist, beauty instructor and mom. They designated brush in such a way that bring women high end and high tech tool with best result.

Top valued Real Techniques Coupon Codes and Deals

  1. MOM14 – Receive 20% discount on brushes that are featured in their video.
  2. Worldwide Shipping – No matter where you live, They currently offer international shipping including all the major countries.
  3. FLASH – Apply the code and get 17% discount on already reduced products. Check for more details.
  4. VIK284 – All the first time customer can enjoy upto $5 saving on selected brushes order.
  5. Contest – Watch their tutorial and create your own look and win a trip for two to meet Sam and Nic for a makeover.
  6. XPOSE – Get 10% discount on their new Miracle Sponge. Offer can’t be combined with any other deals.
  7. Upto 20% Off – Place your order for their travel set and receive up to 20% discount. No coupon code needed.
  8. 03103 or RFQ342 – Use any of these code and get awesome saving on your next purchase.
  9. Free Shipping – When you buy their brushes from Target store you will get your order over $50 for FREE US shipping.

More Real Techniques Coupons ( Sign up! )

Looking to get more such promotional offers, saving tips then you should join their newsletter. They regularly update their subscriber with latest deals, newly added products and much more. You can also check their official Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest pages for more information about currently available sale. Here on we try to keep our page up-to-date with full of working codes, so you should keep checking us for your future purchases.

More about Real Techniques :-

They features Powder brush, night owl and modern natural makeup kit, core collection, shading & blush brushes, lash brow groomer and much more. Founder have more than 30 years of experience and they have been working in fashion show, red carper and other shows with top photographers and magazine in the world.

Below are some more other related stores, so check them too.

WB Mason teams up with Lyreco for US contract partnership

WB Mason, Leading American office supply company is the new global contracts partner of Lyreco for US.

WB Mason is the Brockron based privately held office product dealer that was founded in 1898 by William Betts Mason. At the time of his death company sale reached nearly a million dollars and currently it is billion dollar company by having so many quality products in market.

Earlier, Lyreco had partnership with OfficeMax for serving US accounts but following it’s merger with Office depot, they had to end up their partnership with OfficeMax. In November, 2013, Lyreco teams up with WB Mason to server their US accounts.

On that occasion, CEO Leo stated “Lyreco’s capability for supplying workplace and office products will now make WB Mason top solution for their customers. He added that, Now both company will begin working on their contract and partnership help them to hit the ground running.

CEO of Lyreco said that, There are many similarities between growth of Lyreco in European market and that of WB Mason in US. Spirit and culture already developed between the senior teams of both companies and they begin to work for best customer support.

Talking at OPI, Steve said that all the current customer under OfficeMax contract would be served until their contracts expired and which would take around 36 months until final contract ended. He said that, He was pleased with professionalism of OfficeMax.

Poo Pourri won 18th Annnual Webby Awards

Poo~Pourri Before-You-Go Toilet Spray has been declared as winner for People’s Voice Award.

Poo-Pourri is the innovative freshener product and you need to spray on toilet before defecating. It avoid mitigate all the unpleasant odors and give you fresh smell. It was founded by Suzy Batiz with the aim of giving some natural and unique consumer product.

Webby Awards is the award for all those company who create unique and innovative products. The Edison Award is named after famous scientist Thomas Alva Edison who is known for his extraordinary new product idea.

In May 2014, Poo~Pourri’s “Girl’s Don’t Poop” video get top honors in consumer category. They was disclosed as Silver Award winner for Edison Awards in Personal Care category. Poo Pourri received 18th Annual Webby Awards which was presented by the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences (IADAS).

There were more than 12,000 entries from all 50 US states and over 60 countries. Nearly two million votes cast in People’s Voice Awards and that went in favor of Poo Pourri. It Suzy CEO of company said that “We are humbled and thrilled to win Award. Thanks to all those who voted to help make us success.”

The IADAS is comprised by web experts like Founder of Tumblr, Founder of Gif Steve Wilhite, Huffington, Mozilla CEO and Martin Cooper, mobile phone inventor.