How to Organize Your Grocery Coupons Effectively – Must Read tips

After making your own coupon organizer, You should have knowledge of organizing your coupons for grocery, house-hold and restaurant effectively, Otherwise it won’t be useful for you. There are so many ways you can make it, 1) using binder, 2) you can use accordion file folder, 3) cancelled check box.

Many time bargain hunter frustrated when find that coupon that they’ve is expired or sale period is over. This is the reason of poor coupon binding. It’s worthless if you keep clipping the coupons but can’t able to find the right coupons to use at the perfect time.

How to Organize your Coupons for Grocery, Restaurant etc?

1.)   Instead of clipping every coupons, I would suggest you to find and bind coupon from stores and merchant at which you shop regularly. It’ll save you valuable time and won’t be mess-up with too many useless coupons.

2.)   Try to create sub-category in your organizer. Like Under grocery you can create more category for Diary, Beverages, Vegetables, Organic food coupons etc. Same applies to restaurant, auto, beauty and house-hold types of coupon.

3.)   At every night before sleeping check for the coupons going to expire within a week or few days and after shorting them you can slipped them on the first page of your binder, So make sure to don’t missed that coupons without using them.

4.)   You can also use color label to identify the priority of the coupons, like coupon inserted into the read labeled are going to expire soon, with green marked as valid for long time etc.

5.)   You can also short the coupons based on your trips, Lets say if you visit down town every weekend then you can identify coupons of each store located in down town and use them at the time of your trip. By these way you can save fuel and finally money, Since visiting every store in single trip.

Bonus Tip :-
Lets say, If you’ve few coupons which are about to expire within few days but you don’t time or don’t want to use them, Then you can sell your coupon online and make extra money with that. Please read our previous post on making money using coupon clipping. So using coupons can save you money and same coupon can also earn you money by selling it. And It’s not a bad idea. :-)

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