Manhunt Coupon Codes 2015 – Free Trial

Manhunt is the game by Rockstar Games for the Playstation 2 and its also name of leading guys dating site. Its the action game and consist of twenty levels and four bonus levels that you can unlock after playing and clearing certain levels. is the leading guys dating site where you can create your profile and search the interested individuals. Looks like currently site has been hit by Google and so that when we search “Manhunt” in Google we can’t able to see it and we can see the Wiki page of the Rockstar Games.

Below are some Manhunt Promotion Codes and you can apply for either discount or Free membership ( Free membership are valid for Max a month ) :-

  1. MAL2014 or MHNT4KL4 - Both of these code will help you to try their premium membership for Free for 30 days.
  2. LOOPMADRID - Use at the time of creating account to try them for 14 days for Free.
  3. GOOUTLOUD - Receive 2 weeks of Pro account.
  4. VERACRUZ13 - For Free 15 days Trial. Valid for US only.
  5. YOOPINO - Get 7 days FREE trial, Valid for almost every regions.
  6. CIRCUIT13 - Wow! whopping a month of Free trial on your first time registration.

Facts about the Manhunt Coupon Codes :-
Due to the popularity of the site many of the interested person want to dates are searching for the promotional codes and offers. Yes! They mostly release such limited time codes but that are valid for Free Trials, So that before purchasing premium membership you can check the all the features for few days and take your decision based on that.

As we regularly update this page, You should keep checking us and please write your comments in case you don’t able to find the offers of your choice.

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