Lifebooker and GramercyOne joined for real-time Availability

Lifebooker is the leading online platform for beauty and health related appointment, While GramercyOne ( now referred as ) is the provider of cloud based business management tools for all the local US businesses.

GramercyOne and Lifebooker join hands for provide the the real time availability and discount on the same platform.With the help of Gramercyone platform and Lifebooker marketing technology can easily promote their available appointments in real-time to attract more and more customers.

Since 2006, is providing their innovative management technology and help the health and beauty business owners to make tens of dollars by providing the Lifebooker discount coupon on the appointments. At the same time GramercyOne has more than 6K local merchants which use their cloud based platform.

“We’re much excited about this partnership as it allows us to focus on continuing to develop technology that drives the best marketing ROI for our merchant partners and bring new clients while leveraging the capabilities and benefits of the SaaS business management platform.”

Partnership will help the merchants to monetize their unfilled slots and reach to more and more clients.

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