Starting a Coupon Clipping Service Website – How to

How to :- Coupon Clipping Website Service is the innovative and profitable business which allow customer to purchase the coupons of their choice and finally help them to get discount from 10% to upto 90% off. If you want to start coupon clipping website you must be dedicated to that and have to keep patience for that.

How to Start Coupon Clipping Website and Service :-

Step 1.)   First and for most thing you would required is the powerful Web Hosting, where you will host your couponing site. You can go for Hostgator, JustHost etc hosting provider with the minimum charge of $10/month.
Now you’ll have to decide attractive and attention garbing domain name for your site. So you make sure to add coupon word on that, Or you can add saving or bargain words as well.

Below are some of the example of powerful domain names. ( For Austin city coupon site ) ( For targeting moms )
And many more, You can register domain at, which will cost only $8 per year.

Step 2. )    After purchasing the hosting and domain you’ll have to design your coupon site. You can hire professional freelance designer or local companies as well. Charges depends on that type of work you want from them. But please make sure to have unique design and easy to operate site for your customers.

Step 3. )    Now real work begins. You’ve to find the big sources for your coupons. You can find the working coupons from local newspapers, magazines, Sunday special issues. I would suggest you to please check Top Ways to Find Coupons and article of finding coupon that you want to get started on that. You can also check it from CouponCodesLady.

After you follow all that steps and learn about finding coupons, You have to keep be things noted.

Things you know to maintain Coupon Clipping Service :-

  • Please make sure that all the coupons are active and up to date, As people don’t like the site having expired or not working coupons. Once the coupon become invalid you should immediately remove that or mark it as expired to avoid any inconvenience.
  • You should also have awareness about the coupon policy, Since nowadays almost each store having own coupon policy. You’ve to find such terms or disclaimer and have to placed on your coupon clipping website.
  • Most important thing is that you coupon clipping site should be well organized. Customer should able to easily find the coupons of their choice and there should be provision of related coupon codes for the customer who don’t able to find the interested coupons.
  • Last but not least is the marketing and promoting your site. You’ve to build strong promotional method to promote your newly established clipping website by both online and offline as well. If you don’t know how to do that you can hire marketing people and for doing Search Engine Optimization of your coupon clipping site and promote that on the search engines like Google, Yahoo and bing.

If you want to start you own Couponing site or Clipping blog, You can contact me by commenting here. I’ll help you to get started on that.

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25 thoughts on “Starting a Coupon Clipping Service Website – How to

  1. dinogreeves

    Hi, I have been doing quite a bit of research for the last two months regarding coupon sites. Although, I am very tempted to start my own, but there is vast amount of information about this topic. I am kind of contemplating between an affiliate marketer or coupon affiliate.

      1. couponlady Post author

        In order to start coupon site, You need to have exclusive deals and coupon. So First I would suggest you to buy Sunday newspaper and create account on clipping sites (i.e klip2save, thecouponclippers and couponsthingsbydede ). Also join Amazon they have great deals on Festival time.

        Now, It’s time to create site, If you are newbies, I can help you to create your site. Checkout my example site :
        Just mail me at for more details.


  2. Renee Alherimi

    I'm in the process of starting a coupon site myself. Now, having said that I understand how saturated the coupon affiliate market is, but I can't help but feel that there is still room for improvement. I have been an active coupon user for some time now and see inconveniences with almost every major site on the web ( at least from a user's perspective). I have already registered what I think to be a very strong domain name (no the word "coupon" is not in the domain but am not worried because I can still attach keyword from blogs within the website)and started the actual design of the website, the problem that I'm having is 1) having the proper software applications to do what it is that I need them to do ( all the template plugins that I have researched are somewhat basic and only do half the job that I need them to do, 2)data feeds; I love what For Me To Coupon has to offer but to be realistic $1500 a month is a little extensive for someone who is just starting off in this niche. I am already meeting with a web designer in a few days so I believe he can help me on problem #1, as far as problem #2, are there other resources for data feeds that you can point me to that are somewhat comparable without costing me an arm and a leg?

  3. Anonymous

    I have my own website, but I dont get a lot of traffic… Its not what I want it to be, but it was free to make lol … not sure how I would make a website similiar to the couponclippers website, where you can sell individual coupons and have a set minimum price to order etc..

  4. Anonymous

    Hi would also like some information about how to get started. I wanted to start by listing on coupon flea market, but they didn't have any slots available at the moment. I need a low cost solution that would generate high traffic. Please help me.

  5. Anonymous

    Hello, I am interested in starting my own coupon clipping service and don't know where to start. I also would like to know where to buy large quantities of inserts. Your help will be greatly appreciated. I need this to better support my family.

  6. Anonymous

    I have been looking into starting my own coupon clipping service to help my family. They have been having some financial struggles and because they are really trying to put me thru college I like to help them. I started couponing several months ago and it helps a little but that's not enough. I have been doing research to try and find out where to get the 3 coupons inserts in bulk for reasonable prices but i haven't had any luck and when I ask those who I know get them they don't want to share their source. Can you point me in the right directions and offer any additional advise. please email me at

  7. joyce

    Hi I currently use eBay and the fees are crazy. Would love to find cheaper inserts faster and a good idea for a very low budget site. Thanks

  8. Denise

    Hi I’m very interested in starting coupon clipping business. I need help trying to do with low cost I would greatly appreciate any information you may have to get me started soon. You can email me at thanks so much.

    1. couponlady Post author

      Denise, You can start your blog and convert that into clipping site by publishing members only post. For that you need to setup blog with few plugin and also have local coupon flyers and sunday newspapers from where you can clipped that coupons.

  9. nancy

    what I want to know is HOW/WHERE do a lot of inserts suppliers get their 1, 000s of inserts to resell???? They’ll sell them at .30 etc with lots of 10..20 etc…

  10. Maria McGee

    Hi, I would like to start a coupon clipping service. Can you help me try to find a source to get the coupons besides the local newspapers. It’s not cheap. lol.

  11. Shelah

    I am also interested, but wonder where to get the 1,000′s of papers and inserts from. I’m ready to set up a site and a blog, but just need to be pointed in the right direction for a supplier. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

    1. couponlady Post author

      You can find coupons from Sunday Newspapers and for having more and more such coupons you should check clipping sites like klip2save, thecouponclippers and couponsthingsbydede.

      If you want to setup site, I can help you over there. just mail me at



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