How to Make Money with Coupon Clipping Hobby

Even without starting the Coupon clipping website, you can make money with that. So lets see how you can earn handsome amount of money from your clipping hobby.

As you know that coupons can be clipped for the discount or FREE services from the big brands and local stores, But clipping the coupons from the popular magazines and newspapers articles can help you to earn some short of side income.

Tips on How you can Make Money with Coupon Clipping :-

Things you would require for that are bunch of newspapers & magazines, scissors.

1.)  For and for most thing is to collect the Sunday Newspapers, popular magazines and lading nationalize & local weekly newspapers as well. Now from each of that you’ve to find the coupons or some FREE pass advertise and have to clipped them effectively.

2.) You can also find the coupons by joining some members only site, which allow you to print the secret and hidden coupons.

3.) After finding the coupons of your choice, You can organize that in store, products and other different category.

4.) Now interesting part begin, Once you’re ready with the different type highly valued and popular coupons, You can register for eBay and eCoupon kind of site to trade your coupons. Yes! such kind of site allow you to sell your coupons by mean of auction or make an offer or fixed price. So buyers would able to save their money using coupon and at the same time you’ll get money from your clipping hobby.

Bonus Tips to Earn more money using Coupon Clipping Hobby :-

  • Instead of buying single copy of Sunday newspapers and weekly deal papers you should buy them in a chunk to stock up with the coupons.
  • Since eBay is 100% transparent network, You can easily find that which coupons are most demanded by the buyers and find that accordingly from the papers and other resources.
  • You should also ask your friends and family members for the extra copies of magazines, If they don’t what is anymore.
  • You can also keep your Catalina Coupons of Kroger, Walmart, Kmart, Walgreen with you can trade them online.

So enjoy making more dollars with your coupon clipping hobby, You should also check Back to School Saving tips and other older articles from us.

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4 thoughts on “How to Make Money with Coupon Clipping Hobby

  1. Christine Davis

    Hi, I have been cutting & useing coupons for many years as far back as a teenager. I am 39. I enjoy cutting them and more using them, which I know saves my family and I money. I am a stay at home, disability so I have lots of time. I recently started thinking about the coupons I cut for myself and the ones I didn’t use I threw away. Well my thought was why not cut them all & the ones I don’t use someone may be able to. I noticed you cannot get paid for this. So do you have any idea on any organization or place I can send them too, so I can help out?

    1. couponlady Post author

      Hi Christine,

      Thanks for contacting us. Yes! You can sell your unused coupons. There are sites like where you can put your clipped coupons in auction, You can also sell them at Amazon, etsy and other sites. If you really want to earn money you should start blog about couponing and teach others to save. If you are from Dallas you may see my recent article published at Dallas Morning News :


    2. Eustacia Odle


      I read you article and I am another coupon who hates throwing away those coupons. I have been selling a few on ebay but, they have changed the rules now and only allow a few post of coupons. It is a big problem but, I do have people who will buy my coupons on there but, I do need to find other sites to sell them and I keep running into walls with that. When I try and do the research of other sites they are full or they have not outsiders they allow. I am kind stuck unless I open a site my shelf like tictial my self and that has me worried that I will not get the business to the site.


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