How to Add / Load Coupons to Your Kroger Card

Do you’ve Kroger Card? But don’t know how to load or add grocery coupons on that card to start saving money. No need to worry about that here is the step by step guide for all the Kroger Card families.

You might be aware that Kroger offers the shopper’s card worth upto $150 in saving! Using that card you can download the digital coupons and save your important time and money. So you no need to worry about finding the coupons from newspapers for them. But I would still suggest you to don’t stop organizing your grocery coupons from local resources etc, As many of them are double coupons and which you might not find from their official site.


How to Add / Load Coupons to Your Kroger Card ?

Its as easy as 1-2-3.! Yes! First of all you need to register for their shoppers card by providing required information.

1.)   Login to your account or create new account with Kroger Plus card.

2.)   Please visit official page to browse the ongoing coupons. You can also check many electronic coupon program including,,, to find more and more coupons.
( You need to create account with them and have to register your Kroger Card on their site, my favorite is SavingStar and Cellfire )

3.)   After completing the registration and finding the coupons, You just have to load that into your registered Kroger plus card. It should be noted that you can download or add only 150 coupons to your card. According to policy you can’t double the coupons on your card.

4.)   Now when you go for usual shopping and use your Kroger card, At that time any coupons that you loaded previously to it that would be automatically applied, If that matched anything you purchased and deduction will be shown in your receipt. Isn’t is cool? Yes! Its so easy.

Along with Kroger Card, You can also save money by applying 1-2-3 REWARDS® Visa® Card which let you earn Earn DOUBLE POINTS† on your shopping using it. Also once you collect 1,000 points you’ll be eligible to earns $5 Rewards Certificate. Its almost like JCPenney Reward Codes program.

If you still have question How to Download or Add coupons to your Kroger card, Please write your valuable comments. I’ll soon reply you with the satisfactory answer.

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